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Tracelec updates its ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


The certificate, valid until February 2025, confirms Tracelec’s commitment to quality and excellence. In addition to reinforcing its commitment to improvement in the processes of management, design, production, marketing, installation and review of services and products.

The goal of the standard

The objective of the ISO 9001:2015 certification is to demonstrate the ability of companies to offer products and services. In addition to ensuring that the needs of its customers are met, with the highest possible quality and efficiency standards.

Therefore, this international regulation is based on some basic principles of reference. The implication and participation of the company’s personnel, the treatment offered to the client, the leadership, the approach based on the processes. In addition to continuous improvement, the correct perspective based on facts for decision making and the correct management of relationships.

These principles have been established and agreed upon based on the knowledge of international experts in quality management.

How to implement and obtain ISO 9001:2015

To implement a QMS (Quality Management System) and obtain an ISO 9001:2015 certification, it requires an orderly procedure that consists of different stages. First, a diagnosis of the current situation of the company is necessary to know the degree of compliance with the standard itself. Next, the phases for the design of the quality management system and its implementation will be established. To end with an internal audit to determine if all the requirements established by the standard are met.

Once all this procedure is finished, it will need to be officially endorsed by ISO, from where the corresponding certificate will be issued.

A plus of quality

A plus of quality. In addition, at Tracelec, always committed to our clients, we implement our own systems; Quality Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the Safety Culture Policy, all of which are available in our Certifications section.