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Completion Mounting Control System iTRACE 4.0

New advanced control system

End of design, assembly and starting of the advanced control system composed of 4 electrical panels for a total of 73 electric tracey circuits.

This electric tracey system, which has been carefully supervised to guarantee the fulfillment of all procedures and safety standards, will now have an advanced monitoring software that will allow monitoring and controlling efficiently and precisely and accurately and precisely control the electric tracey process in real time.

A significant advance

The implementation of the iTRACE 4.0 control system represents a significant improvement in the ability to control and monitoring in real time in electric tracey circuits. In addition, a final inspection has been carried out to ensure that everything is working optimally.

The success of this project is the result of hard work and the dedication of the team in charge of it. The professionalism demonstrated by the team has been fundamental for the successful realization of this important project.