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Presentation of the new wireless transmitter LoRaWAN

transmisor inalámbrico LoRaWAN

Following the aim of constantly improving its control systems, Tracelec is determined to bet on the development of new wireless technologies for electric tracey applications.

That is the case, of the new Lorawan wireless transmitter for temperature probe. We are faced with a latest generation monitoring device designed to measure and transmit temperature data remotely and without cables.


Here are the most outstanding characteristics of it:

  • The Lorawan wireless transmitter transmits the signals of the PT100 sensors connected to a catwalk or server designated by radiofrequency Lora.
  • The modbus catwalk or server stores data in memory for use by the external SCADA device.
  • In addition, two RTD temperature sensors can be connected by transmitter, optimizing the necessary number of devices.
  • Optionally, the equipment can have 0.91 inches LCD screen to display the temperature, signal intensity and connection status, as well as the remaining battery charge to facilitate checking and maintenance in situ.
  • The Wroker (Modbus Server) supports the Modbus TCP protocol to process temperature data.
  • The maximum transmission distance depends on the selection of the antenna and external obstacles. In general, 100 m inside buildings and 10 km in open land.

The perfect tool for real -time temperature monitoring

In summary, the Lorawan wireless transmitter is a device that will allow temperature monitoring to be easier, more precise and more efficient than ever. In addition to significantly reducing the electricity game associated with the electric trace, since the installation of signal cable or electric tray does not need for its ruisade. In Tracelec, we are sure that it will be a tool of great value for any company that needs to monitor the temperature in real time, in any type of industry.