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Repsol maintenance contract in Tarragona

New contract for electric trace

Tracelec continues with the work of electric tracey for Repsol Petroleum in the Site de Tarragona, after having been awardee of the maintenance and assembly contract of electric tracey facilities in the industrial complex of Tarragona, for the 2022 and 2023 years.

Repsol in Tarragona for 40 years

After more than 40 years in operation, the Repsol Industrial Complex in Tarragona has established itself as one of the engines that has promoted economic and labor growth throughout this area of the Mediterranean coast.

Since the beginning of its construction in the 70s, the complex, as well as its facilities, have not stopped growing. In this way, the Repsol plant in Tarragona has gone through different processes to become the complex that is today.

Its construction to be more exact begins in 1973, and its chemical activity begins in 1976. Parallel, the ethylene plants that end in 1978 are built.

Subsequently, between 1983 and 1992, the complex begins an extension, renewal and improvement process of its facilities. In this way it also increases its production and storage capacity.

The Repsol complex in Tarragona continues to grow and expand its facilities

And in a second stage, in 2002, they start the hydrocracheal unit and the hydrogen plant. In addition to continuing with its extension and reforms until 2007, with the aim of increasing its performance. A new unit is also launched, the spent soda treatment, in 2008. Different projects for production improvement are launched, such as those carried out in the treatment of meroseno and biodiesel.

Since then, the Repsol complex in Tarragona has not stopped executing improvements. Thus, in 2021 the first floor of the Iberian Peninsula starts to manufacture high impact resistance polymers. At present, Repsol continues to grow with new projects and initiatives in its Tarragona complex.