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Tracelec finaliza la instalacion de traceado electrico en el centro de datos MAD3.1

Completed the installation in the MAD3.1 data center

Tracelec finishes its work in the MAD3.1 data center in Alcobendas (Madrid). This time it is about the installation, commissioning and PEM of the temperature maintenance system of the external fuel oil pipes. In addition to the frost protection system for the chilled water and water treatment pipes.

Tracelec has executed this installation for its final customer, the American multinational, Equinix. The work carried out in several phases has included; engineering, design, supply of materials, as well as assembly with own personnel and start-up tests. The installation has been carried out for different companies (Galifer, Arumani, Grupo CV, Artein, Zenitram) all of them integrated into this important project for the execution of the data center.

Maintaining temperature is important

Heat tracing is essential to maintain a constant temperature, improve energy efficiency, protect equipment, and meet regulatory requirements in data centers. The MAD3.1 data center is designed to host cloud infrastructure projects with high energy requirements and in compliance with energy efficiency, security and high availability standards.

Equinix an international benchmark

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1998, Equinix (EQUality, Neutrality, Internet eXchange) is a global digital infrastructure company. A multi-tenant data center provider. Equinix provides the global reach, ecosystem care, and service excellence that businesses need to be competitive and profitable. A global platform for digital business that offers solutions for a wide range of companies.